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Extreme BB Guns specialise in Airsoft guns and BB Guns. Below is a guide to buying your Airsoft BB gun and Airsoft accessories, which you may find useful. Click on the images below to go to our great selection of guns available in online shop.



Airsoft Gas Pistols


Airsoft Rifles


Tips when buying BB Guns

BB guns are ideal guns used by many for fun and recreation.  If you’re looking for an airsoft / bb gun, that which is a lot safer to use than pellets or actual guns,  they are very efficient  if you want to practice target shooting or simply have fun with friends and family.

BB guns or air soft guns are comparatively safer to use than more intense and serious weapons such as regular guns and rifles. If your only goal is to furnish yourself a gun that you can utilize for recreational purposes, a BB gun is the most inexpensive, yet effective gadget there is.

BB guns are loaded with BB shots. BB stands for bullet ball or ball bearing, depending on the BBs composition or material. Most air rifle shots are now called BBs, and are made mainly from plastic.  Air soft guns and those that are used for paintball shooting are known to be utilizing the same design and principles from BB guns.

Since almost all BB gun companies manufacture to supply the recreational needs of the public, these items are considered to be toys rather than serious weaponry, that which can potentially cause damage to property or serious harm to other people.

The youth of today are more aware of the availability of BB guns in the market. Who could resist playing with these toys?  BBs are designed to enhance one’s target shooting skills and are known to be great tools if you want to have fun with friends outdoors.

If you are looking for quality BB guns in the market, there are many toy gun manufacturers that design and distribute high quality models. However, before looking into spending your money on these BBs, here are some shopping tips that you need to keep in mind so you are sure to get the best BB gun for your tastes and needs:

  •  Buy a BB Kit / package

If you haven’t had any experience of owning a BB or purchasing a BB in the past, it is rather practical to buy a complete BB Kit instead. Although this will prove to be more expensive than buying a gun by itself, the accessories that are included in a complete kit will make your purchase an affordable one.

  • Identify the type of BB that you want

There are various types of BB gun mechanisms being utilized by manufacturers like Crosman, uhc, galaxy, well, any many other  The most common powerplant is the spring piston type barrel. Spring action piston type BB guns are very much high performance but are known to be inexpensive too.

Electric powered guns, mainly used in combat games as they dont suffer from the cold elements like gas guns and are very consistant but more expensive to buy

Lastly, the gas-powered BB guns are known to feature a machine gun-like fire when used. Carbon dioxide is used to propel the BBs at higher velocities. If you are training to become a law-enforcement officer, or if you plan to get a regular gun in the future, a gas-powered BB gun is the right tool that you can use for practice.These are very powerfull guns and need to be used with care

  • Identify the environment where you will be using your BB

If your intention is to have fun with your friends in the woods / garden or indoors, BB guns with low FPS are good for these conditions. Spring piston types are known to provide you with all the fun that you can handle when you intend to use it at close range.

If you are looking to join more serious target shooting games, you may want to research on BBs that are priced from £200-£400. You will most likely be using it regularly, and investing on a starter kit that are of good quality will pay for itself eventually.

if you have any questions or need any advice please call us 01455 845564

6 mm Airsoft pellet mass and their usage explained


  • 0.12 g – Extremely common, standard weight for all low grade AEG’s and spring guns.  low quality replicas firing under 250fps. These pellets are notorious for breaking inside high-powered guns because they are hollow inside. The low weight of this pellet also causes it to be extremely inaccurate because they are easily affected by the slightest of breezes. really better for indoor use.
  • 0.20 g – Second most common weight. Standard for almost all velocity tests. AEGs are able to use these, however, most experienced players will use heavier masses due to the increased accuracy and range. suitable for any gun
  • 0.30 g – Standard mass for most sniper rifles. Have become more common use with all guns  in recent times . a very acurate pellet with velicity for great distance for use with any 250fps or higher gun , great in all guns this is out best selling pellet

bb pellet buying guide

First off all of the bb pellets on this site are 6mm in size and all of them 6mm pellets will fit any gun we sell.

The only difference is the pellets weight (Ranging from 0.12g to 0.30g) and if they are biodegradable ect

As a rule of thumb the lighter the bb pellet the faster and further it will go when fired.

And the more heavy the pellet the better the accuracy and the harder it will hit.

So you have to try and get some balance between power and accuracy this may take a little trial and error to get the right pellets for your gun. But below is a quick guide.

  • 0.12g – Cheap spring pistols and some low powered electric guns
  • 0.20g – Are the standard bb pellet for most guns on this site and best used with mid range electric rifles and powerful spring pistols
  • 0.25g – Good for gas pistols and hi end AEG rifles
  • 0.30g – Good for very powerful sniper rifles, hi end gas pistols and gas rifles

The other types of bb pellets we sell work as above weight wise.

  • Biodegradable – disintegrate after time in your garden ect
  • Soft mark – leave a chalk mark on hitting the target
  • Paint ball – explode on impact leaving a paint mark (not to be used with hi end or electric guns)
  • Glow in the dark – well they glow in the dark don’t they

As to which brand is the best or worst for BBs, there are too many brands and way
too many opinions on each to comment. The best way to find out is to
purchase a well known brand and try it out yourself.

What is Hop-Up System?
Hop-Up system is a theory of anti-terrestrial gravity. Within Terrestrial gravity every object will gradually curve downwards when thrown. THE BB GUN technicians have design the pistol barrel to resist this terrestrial gravity. So, when the BB bullet is shot this design will cause the bullet to spin upward. The result of this design will make the BB bullet fly farther and more accurate. this design IS called The Hop-Up System.


What does FPS mean ?

if a gun is 200 fps  it means the bb pellet is moving at 200 feet per second when fired from a 200 fps bb gun.


Can I reuse BB  gun pellets?

Only use new BB pellets if you use old fired bb’s your gun WILL jam, as old BB pellets will be distorted in shape and your warranty void.

Joules: Also a way to calculate the power of an air-soft gun. This is more accurate than FPS is.

AEG: Automatic Electric Gun.

How to gauge the power of your airsoft gun:

The easiest way to gauge the power of your airsoft rifle or pistol is by checking the FPS.. FPS is how many consumers, manufacturers and the worlds governments gauge and regulate air-soft guns. Because of it’s easy to understand nature this system has been widely accepted world wide and is used by many.

A high grade air soft gun will usually have a higher FPS than a lower quality clone but this doesn’t always apply.

FPS also increases and decreases with what weight of BB you use. Examples are as follow:

380 FPS with .12 Gram BB’s
350 FPS with .20 Gram BB’s
335 FPS with .23 Gram BB’s
320 FPS with .25 Gram BB’s
315 FPS with .28 Gram BB’s
300 FPS with .30 Gram BB’s

As soon as the BB leaves the barrel, because there is no more force acting against the BB and it will begin decrease in speed dramatically. Its also a good idea that after 50 feet to subtract 100 to 150 FPS from your equation. FPS can also be affected by the environment including wind, air, and barometric pressure that can affect FPS.

We recommend only using .20 to .25 gram BB’s in your standard AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) to increase, accuracy, performance and lengthen the life of your gun. .28 and .30 gram are meant for upgraded AEG’s and Sniper Rifle style of airsoft gun.








UK Law and Regulation Regarding RIF Airsoft Guns

A short and hopefully helpful guide towards UK law regarding the sale of Airsoft products. This law only applies to you if the delivery address of the Airsoft gun is within the UK and Northern Ireland.

Since October 2007 you can only buy a realistic imitation firearm (one that looks like a real gun) if you are at least 18 years old and meet one of the following conditions:


  • You are a ‘registered’ airsofter with membership of an insured skirmish site. To be registered, you must attend a properly organised and insured airsoft site and play for at least three days over a period of no less than two months. Even if you attend and play the three days in your first week, UK Law requires that two months pass from the first day you attended before you can legally be registered.
  • You are a member of a properly insured historical re-enactment group or society.
  • You are a film, television or theatre production company.
  • You are (or are acting on behalf of) a museum
  • You are a Crown Servant in pursuance of your Crown duti

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